Public Protection Concrete Barriers

Our contribution of optimising and improving the way that our fellow Australians can be kept safe from potential vehicle attacks similar to those seen in Barcelona, Nice, and London by blocking terrorists from ploughing vehicles into pedestrians. 

Our PPB’s come in a range of options with standard, coloured, embedded logo’s, seating and planter boxes, aimed to be utilised as barricades in popular stadiums, bridges, shopping centres and shared traffic zones. 

Precast Concrete Fencing Panels

Our fencing panels are an Innovative precast lightweight fence panel system that uses the latest composite technology that is strong, attractive and easy to install with a range of different finishes, like modular panel designs, brick, stone, timber etc.

  Economical & Lightweight - Save Time & Money, Durable - Residential & Commercial Versatile - Interior & Exterior Veneer Siding Realistic & Fast - Looks & Feels Real Easy to Install - No Mason/bricklayer required for rock/brick panel Low Maintenance - Unique Wall Panels easy to clean.

Precast Concrete Portable Barrier Walls

Our precast polymer concrete barrier walls are strong, durable and manufactured to be portable and to last without maintenance.

  Our concrete barrier walls can be utilised as security in and around military bases, police stations, crowd control, emergency communications towers, hospitals, boat ramps, docks, parking lot barriers, indoor or outdoor facilities, complexes and arenas for sporting, special events, parades, concerts and festivals.

Other concrete fence panel finishes

Timber Finish Concrete Fence Panels

Rendered Wall Concrete Fence Panels

Stone Look Concrete Fence Panels